M109R Motorcycle: Why the Suzuki Boulevard M109R Stands Out


The Suzuki Boulevard M109R is known for its bold design, powerful performance, and impressive engineering. As a standout in the cruiser segment, it combines classic cruiser aesthetics with modern technology and performance capabilities. This comprehensive guide explores various aspects of the M109R, including its design, engine, handling, comfort, safety features, and maintenance. By understanding these elements, you can appreciate what makes the Suzuki Boulevard M109R a significant contender in the cruiser motorcycle market.


M109R Motorcycle:

What Makes the Suzuki Boulevard M109R a Standout Cruiser?

Design and Aesthetics:

How Does the M109R’s Design Stand Out?

The Suzuki Boulevard M109R features an imposing and aggressive design that turns heads on the road.

Bold Styling:

Muscular Appearance:

Sculpted Bodywork: The M109R boasts a muscular and sculpted look, with wide, curvaceous body panels giving it a robust appearance. The chiseled fuel tank and aggressive lines emphasize its powerful persona.

V-Twin Silhouette: The prominent V-twin engine and massive exhaust pipes enhance its aggressive stance, while the iconic Suzuki emblem on the tank adds a touch of brand heritage.

Unique Features:

Distinctive Elements:

Headlamp and Taillight Design: The headlamp is encased in a sleek, aerodynamic nacelle that lends a futuristic appearance. The LED taillight and indicators add modern flair while improving visibility.

Customizable Options: The M109R offers various customization options, allowing owners to personalize their bikes with different accessories and aftermarket parts, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

motorcycleAttention to Detail:

Premium Finish:

High-Quality Materials: The motorcycle features premium materials and finishes, including chrome accents and high-quality paintwork. These elements contribute to its luxurious appearance and durability.

Ergonomic Design: Despite its bold looks, the M109R is designed with rider ergonomics in mind. The layout of the handlebars, seat, and foot controls ensures a comfortable riding position, even on long journeys.

Engine and Performance:

What Powers the M109R?

The heart of the Suzuki Boulevard M109R is its powerful engine, which delivers impressive performance and an exhilarating riding experience.

Engine Specifications:

V-Twin Powerhouse:

Displacement and Configuration: The M109R is powered by a 1,783cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 54-degree V-twin engine. This large-displacement engine provides immense torque and power, making it one of the most potent cruisers on the market.

Fuel Injection System: The advanced fuel injection system ensures optimal fuel delivery for improved performance, throttle response, and fuel efficiency. Twin 56mm throttle bodies with Suzuki’s Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system further enhance the engine’s efficiency and power delivery.

Performance Metrics:

Torque and Horsepower:

Impressive Output: The M109R generates significant torque, especially in the low to mid-range, providing substantial pulling power for quick acceleration and effortless overtaking. The engine produces around 128 horsepower and 118 lb-ft of torque, catering to performance enthusiasts.

Transmission: The bike features a five-speed constant mesh transmission, optimized for smooth shifting and robust power transfer. The shaft drive system ensures reliability and low maintenance, making it suitable for long-distance rides.

motorcycleRiding Experience:

Throttle Response and Sound:

Intake and Exhaust: The M109R’s large airbox and dual exhaust system contribute to its throaty intake and deep exhaust notes, enhancing the riding experience. The resonance of the exhaust system amplifies the bike’s powerful presence.

Torque Rich: The bike’s torque-rich engine allows for easy cruising and spirited riding, delivering a blend of power and smoothness that defines the cruiser experience.

Handling and Suspension:

How Does the M109R Handle Different Riding Conditions?

Handling and suspension are critical aspects of the Suzuki Boulevard M109R, affecting its performance and comfort.

Frame and Geometry:

Stability and Agility:

Double Cradle Frame: The double cradle steel frame provides a solid foundation, ensuring stability at high speeds and a balanced ride in various conditions. The frame’s geometry is designed to offer a mix of nimbleness and steadiness.

Rake and Trail: The rake and trail settings are optimized for cruiser dynamics, providing stable handling in straight lines and confident cornering capabilities.

Suspension Components:

Ride Comfort and Control:

Inverted Forks: The front suspension consists of 46mm inverted forks, offering excellent rigidity and handling precision. The forks provide a smooth ride over uneven surfaces, enhancing ride comfort.

Rear Shock Absorber: The rear suspension features a single shock absorber with spring preload adjustment. This setup ensures a comfortable and controlled ride by absorbing road imperfections effectively.

Braking System:

Stopping Power:

Dual Disc Brakes: The M109R is equipped with dual 310mm front disc brakes and a single 275mm rear disc brake. The brake system provides substantial stopping power and control, essential for a bike of its size and performance.

ABS Option: Some models come with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), enhancing safety by preventing wheel lock-up during hard braking, especially on slippery surfaces.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

What Makes the M109R Suitable for Long Rides?

Comfort and ergonomics play a significant role in making the Suzuki Boulevard M109R a favorable choice for long rides.

Seating Position:

Comfort and Control:

Rider and Passenger Seats: The M109R features a wide, contoured seat designed for maximum rider comfort. The seat offers excellent support, reducing fatigue during long rides. The passenger seat is also spacious, ensuring comfort for both the rider and passenger.

Forward Controls: The forward foot controls contribute to a relaxed riding posture, distributing weight evenly and enhancing long-distance comfort. The handlebars are positioned to allow easy reach and control without straining the rider.

Wind Protection:

Reducing Fatigue:

Windshield Options: While the standard model may not include a windshield, aftermarket options are available to provide wind protection. A good windshield reduces wind fatigue and enhances rider comfort, especially at higher speeds.

Fairing Design: Some models feature a small fairing that helps deflect wind and reduce aerodynamic drag, contributing to a smoother ride.

Storage Solutions:

Practicality for Touring:

Saddlebags and Storage: The M109R can be equipped with saddlebags and other storage accessories, making it suitable for touring. These accessories enhance the bike’s practicality, allowing riders to carry essential items for long trips.

Cargo Racks: Cargo racks and backrests further improve storage capacity and passenger comfort, making the bike adaptable for various riding needs.

Safety and Technology:

What Advanced Features Enhance Safety and Performance?

The Suzuki Boulevard M109R incorporates several safety and technology features to enhance the riding experience.

Lighting System:

Visibility and Safety:

LED Headlights: LED headlights ensure excellent visibility during night rides while consuming less power. Enhanced illumination improves safety by making the road ahead more visible.

Indicator and Taillights: The bike features bright indicator lights and taillights, enhancing visibility to other road users and improving overall safety.

motorcycleElectronic Features:

Modern Technology:

Digital Instrument Cluster: A digital instrument cluster provides essential information like speed, RPM, fuel level, and gear position. It offers clear visibility in various lighting conditions and contributes to a modern look.

Riding Modes: Some models may come with selectable riding modes, allowing riders to adjust throttle response, power delivery, and traction control to suit different riding conditions. These modes enhance performance and safety by optimizing the bike’s settings.

Traction Control: Traction control systems help prevent wheel spin during acceleration, especially on slippery surfaces. This feature enhances stability and rider confidence.

Maintenance and Reliability:

How Do You Keep the M109R in Top Condition?

Proper maintenance ensures the Suzuki Boulevard M109R remains reliable and performs at its best.

motorcycleRegular Inspections:

Preventive Care:

Scheduled Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for tasks like oil changes, filter replacements, and brake inspections. Regular maintenance prevents issues and prolongs the bike’s lifespan.

Component Checks: Regularly inspect key components like the chain, tires, brakes, and suspension for wear and tear. Addressing these issues early prevents more significant problems down the line.

Engine Care:

Optimal Performance:

Oil and Fluid Changes: Regular oil and fluid changes are crucial for engine health. Use high-quality motor oil and recommended fluids to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Cooling System: Keep the cooling system in good condition by regularly checking coolant levels and ensuring there are no leaks or blockages. A well-maintained cooling system prevents overheating.

Tire and Brake Maintenance:

Safety and Performance:

Tire Inspection: Regularly check tire pressure and tread depth to ensure safe riding conditions and optimal handling. Replace worn tires promptly.

Brake System: Maintain the brake system by inspecting pads, discs, and fluid levels. Ensure the hydraulic system is free of air bubbles by bleeding the brakes as needed.

Storage Tips:

Preserving Condition:

Off-Season Storage: If storing the bike for an extended period, take precautions like using a fuel stabilizer, disconnecting the battery, and covering the motorcycle to protect it from dust and moisture.

Regular Start-Up: Start the motorcycle periodically during the off-season to keep the engine and other components in good condition.


The Suzuki Boulevard M109R stands out in the cruiser segment with its bold design, powerful V-twin engine, and high-performance capabilities. Its muscular appearance, attention to detail, and customizable options make it visually striking and personalized. The bike’s powerful engine and impressive performance metrics deliver an exhilarating riding experience, while the robust braking and suspension systems ensure control and safety in various conditions. Comfort and ergonomics are optimized for long rides, with features like a spacious seat, forward controls, and wind protection. Advanced safety and technology features like LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, and traction control enhance rider confidence and safety. Proper maintenance, including regular inspections, engine care, and tire and brake maintenance, ensures the M109R remains reliable and performs at its best. By understanding these detailed aspects, riders can appreciate what makes the Suzuki Boulevard M109R a standout cruiser and enjoy its powerful, comfortable, and safe riding experience.

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